High Quality, Great Service, Better Prices, em português

You can focus on growth while we take care of all your English-to-Portuguese translation needs./Você pode se concentrar no crescimento de seu negócio enquanto nós cuidamos de todas as suas necessidades de tradução Inglês-Português.

With offices in U.S. and Brazil, we offer high quality, great service and competitive prices. / Com escritórios nos EUA e no Brasil, nós oferecemos alta qualidade, excelente serviço e preços competitivos.

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High Quality

Our translation processes build on each other, working together to safeguard the quality of your projects. Return jobs to your clients with total confidence. We cover all major industries.


We only work with linguists with proven experience who pass our screenings. Upon arrival, our linguists sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements. Our linguists are mostly based in Brazil, where we have our operations center.

Only 10% pass our screenings.

Current active linguists = 50.


Our all-in-one Translation/ Editing/ Proofing process—TEP—includes translation, review by editors, and proofing by the project manager. Our rigorous process is a critical factor to consistently produce a very high quality translation.

3 linguists review each job.

TEP capacity = 1 million words/month.

Quality Assurance (QA)

QA provides individual feedback to linguists based on evaluations submitted by editors and PMs. Our QA process also includes random reviews of jobs. We have weekly quality workshops to all our PMs.

Weekly report on mistakes, questions, and terminology.

70%+ of linguists receive feedback every month.


Our use of CAT tools maximizes quality and consistency, and allow us to provide discounts to our clients. Linguists are trained in MemoQ or the client’s preferred CAT tool. Our implementation of MemoQ Server is another key factor of our efficiency.

CAT tools used in 80%+ of projects.


for Language ASAP companies

The staff at Spanish ASAP are amazing. Everything is organized, fast and everyone is quick to help on rush jobs. Our clients really enjoy the quality of work, and many have commented on how professional the translations are. We very much appreciate the partnership!

Operations Manager

CSA Top 20 North American LSP

Reliability and professionalism are unfortunately too rare nowadays but every time a project gets delivered from Spanish ASAP, it’s a reminder that there are still people who can be counted on to deliver on their promises. The quality of work is never in question.

Contractor Liaison

CSA Top 40 North American LSP

We want to thank you for being such a reliable vendor. We appreciate your quick responses to any of our inquiries, and always delivering not only on-time, but in some cases delivering earlier than expected.

Program Manager

CSA Top 100 North American LSP

Great Service

We are aware that every project represents a customer who depends on us. We provide quick and clear responses to inquiries, we deliver projects on time, and we are committed to resolving any problems or issues that arise.


Our team delivers projects on or before the deadline. And we strive to answer communications within 20 minutes.


We provide services that match the customer’s specifications, clarifying details when necessary to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

Proactive solutions

We are problem solvers who look to anticipate issues before they become problems. We provide solutions to setbacks and always go the extra mile.

All-in-One Service

You can assign all your Portuguese translations to a single project manager at a great price.


A lot more than TEP



We provide Portuguese-language localization for Brazilian Portuguese markets.


MT Post-editing

We can review translations made using translation engines so they are accurate, fluid, and ready to publish.


Desktop Publishing

We offer DTP services for our translations using InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.



We offer detailed audio transcriptions from spoken into written Portuguese.

Better Prices

We offer the best price-to-value ratio on the market for the services we provide. This enables LSCs to take advantage of our competitive prices and therefore grow their own business. Contact us to receive our detailed price table.


Our main CAT tool is memoQ; we have a pool of assignable translator licenses and our own server license. We are willing to learn and work using our clients’ CAT tools as well. XTRF is our translation management tool.